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Discover the ‘Endless Research, Berlin’ Campaign Of (OSS)Our Special Support.

Berlin, the capital of Germany, became the starting point for OSS to express the perspective of a new inflection point. We chose Berlin as our first inspiration. Explore and discover large cities through the inspiration you can observe here.

We continue our Endless Research along the path of inspiration in Berlin.

We Explore The Artists Who Are Based In Each Of The World'S Major Cities, And Also Explore Those Cities Where The Artists Are Based In. We Discover All Of The Tangible And Intangible Values Of Those Cities, To Link The Values, To Find Some Possibilities Out Of It, And To Fulfill New Artistic Value And Express Those In Visual Language.

(Oss)Our Special Support Will Open Up All The New Possibilities, And Our Presence Is Gonna Be Redefined From Both Artists And Clients. Through Our Perspective, We Look At All Tangible And Intangible Meanings, Values And Possibilities That Exist In Our Daily Lives From A New Perspective And Discover. New Inflection Points At The Point Of Contact With Inspiration. Through Meeting With Them, And Realizenew Artistic Values.

052.532, 013.394
Location 1. Pappelpl, 10115
Yalani Jacobsen

52.529°N 13.401°E
Location 2. Rosenthaler Platz, 10119
Laura Buchholz

052.519, 013.397
Location 3. Bodestraße, 10178

052.522, 013.398
Location 4. Burgstraße 28, 10178
Maceo de Souza

Director of Photography @lnghrdchld
Directed by @oosgnawk @y0urmysummer
Edited by @choalovesyou
Hair & Makeup by @beccaa.may
Composer and Sound Designer @xeul_by_chanseul
Production Designer @vuffit
Production by @ourspecialsupport @heatherhyeinlee

@daienyoon @altes_jac @laura.buc @lieschenduq @mr.blaaa

(OSS)OUR Special Support
Endless Research, Berlin