Concentrate and immerse

Min soo  (New York City)

Min Soo is a South Korean director based in New York City. 

He has established himself as an award-winning documentary and music video/commercial director, with a unique approach that prioritizes narrative storytelling, character development, and experimental film language. Min Soo's most recent project, the portrait documentary "Merlin" about Swiss artist Lukas Krähenbühl, has won awards at festivals such as Roma International Short Film Festival, New York International Film Awards, Berlin Indie Film Festival, and Tokyo International Short Film Festival. The film also premiered at Beyond The Short, cementing Min Soo's reputation as a rising talent in the film industry. 

With his ability to blend storytelling and visual techniques, Min Soo creates a heightened experience of life that is both engaging and thought-provoking. He often places characters in unexpected situations, exploring the human condition and creating a surreal world that captivates the audience.This unique approach has earned him recognition and accolades, making him a highly-regarded director in both the documentary and commercial worlds. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Min Soo continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in documentary and commercial filmmaking, crafting visually stunning works that resonate with audiences around the world. Min Soo has worked with clients such as SM, KOZ, Captured Tracks, Seoul National University, Sesinko, and Atoms.

Your documentary "Merlin" has received numerous awards and recognition. Can you share the inspiration behind the film and the process of bringing it to life?

Merlin, a documentary film about Swiss artist Lukas Krähenbühl, was inspired from the journey I had searching for true happiness. During my time in the Korean army, I came across a book called Zorba The Greek, which left a lasting impression on me.

The character of Zorba captivated me, leading me to search for someone similar in real life. In 2019, I attended Tribal Gathering in Panama, where I first encountered Lukas. He reminded me of Zorba with his personality. 

Intrigued by his character, I embarked on a journey to capture Lukas' artistic journey in the form of this portrait documentary, Merlin. 

What are your aspirations and goals for your future projects?

In my future projects, I would like to delve deeper and achieve something valuable for myself by concentrating on a smaller number of projects. Currently, I have been exerting myself relentlessly in New York, but to be honest the pace feels overwhelming, draining my energy.

Instead of handling multiple projects simultaneously, I aim to concentrate on fewer undertakings and immerse myself in them more profoundly. I hope it will allow me to reach a greater depth and make something meaningful.

What are some of the unique challenges and opportunities of working in New York?

Living and working in New York to me is a blessing. It brings unique opportunities and challenges. Interacting with people and collaborating on projects here teaches me a lot every time. Each project helps me grow.

Could you share some of your favourite filming locations or locations that particularly inspire you in New York City?

I find myself drawn to locations that reveal a different side of the city, places that possess their own uniqueness and local essence. Coney Island, Financial District, and Chinatown are all among my favorite places to film. These locations inspire me and resonate with my vision.

From the beginning, I wanted to create something recognizable and to convey my curiosity into my work, I hope I have reached that goal, that my works are recognizable and unique.