Jingxiong Qiao, Photographer (Paris)
Jingxiong Qiao is Photographer. He Studied Art And Piano Since Childhood And  Decided To Devote Himself To  Fashion Photography After  Finishing His Piano Studies In  Germany. In September 2018,  He Went To Havana, Cuba To  Shoot Street Photography For A  Week. In The Past Year, He Has  Fallen In Love With Fashion  Photography, And He Likes To  Combine Fashion With Street (Life). Through His Mastery Of  Light, Shadow And Color, He Shows The Characters'  Different Personalities And Highlights Of Their Costumes.  In Recent Shooting Projects, He Insists On Using Film  Cameras As The Main Equipment  Currently He Has Cooperated With Different Magazines  And Media, Such As Fuckingyoung Magazine Sicky  Magazine Schon Magazine And Vanity Teen Magazine  Print Issue.

Gianluca Venerdini, Makeup (Berlin)
Berlin based, Sardinian born Makeup artist Gianluca Venerdini, first came in contact with the power of makeup; colours, lighting, and photography, as a Drag performer in his small home town, Sassari. He made the first step of his professional career after finishing a Makeup school by working for Dsquared2 as well as editorials, campaigns and music videos. He began attending Fashion Weeks in Paris and Milan in 2019, there collaborating with and taking part in the shows of all major brands such as: Gucci, Fendi, Diesel, DVN, Louis Vuitton, Trussardi, Bottega Veneta, Off-White, Jacquemus. His curiosity about Art, History and contemporary life drives his experimentations with techniques, materials and themes which he fuses with his inspirations, ranging from Art, Cinema, high Fashion, to Kitsch-Pop aesthetic. Makeup is the art of change, not just the art of beauty. Gianluca indulges in the endless varieties of metamorphoses, changes in class, gender, temporality and culture.

Zahra, Hair and makeup (Paris)
Passionate about hair and makeup decided to study Studio Hairdressing and Makeup at Acte Académie in Lille for 2 years and graduated in 2020.Right after graduation, She is now working independently with agencies and directly with brands like Hermès, Louboutin, Kiko Milano, Aalto, Hibourama and french brands such as Emoi Emoi, Flotte, Lollipops, Balaboosté,Messika, L'oréal, Samaritaine. Specializing in fashion and beauty, Zahra aspires to evolve in this field and create a unique universe. She is inspired and in love with everything about science fiction, ugly beauty, cyberpunk and the galaxy. Big hairstyles, the digital world, bees, and Amazigh & African hairstyles are her main inspirations from her. Standing up for equality and the integration of minorities in the fashion industry is also her goal in order to celebrate diversity.

The two performers support  each other‘s bodies while maintaining complex poses. This work explores the connections between humans, technology, and the philosophical questions that arise from these interactions.

The Journey of Cap: A Metaphorical Odyssey.
Conceptual framework that reflects a metaphorical odyssey, applied to the transformation and experience of a cap. It represents a transformative journey through various stages of existence, experiencing discovery, potential, realization, exploration, connection, renewal, and change, beyond being a simple physical object.

"Review: Artists and Their Art” interview with Man Ray 1972
An inanimate object is something fascinating a mystery to me because it survives and even if it disappears there's always a record of it a record of it in the form of a photograph or a painting.