Representing multidisciplinary images. 
It representing the most talented and innovative artists of today and tomorrow in major cities, creating and supporting a cohesive new form of visual narrative across different fields. 

We aspire to be a powerful voice of transformation in the current industry.  OSS is a space and alternative for those pioneering new artistic directions in the fields of art, culture, and fashion, catering to the creative generation.

photographer,  film director, location scouter,  model scouter, data manager, stylist,  makeup artist, hair stylist, prop stylist, set designer, sound designer, line producer, executive producer, journalist , music composer

creative direction, photo production, motion production, art direction, graphic design, visual design, brand design, set design, illustration, content strategy, brand content, social content, casting, retouching, e-commerce


(OSS) media kit 2024 Korean
(OSS) media kit 2024 English