Endless Research, Berlin

OSS  (Berlin)

"Endless Research"  A Visual Exploration of the Boundary Between Reality and Unreality "Endless Research" is a visual piece that explores the boundary between reality and unreality. Featuring four characters, this visual journey starts in the narrow streets of Berlin and gradually expands to wider streets and buildings. Each character follows simple directions, walking to a designated point. As the first character begins walking, the camera follows them seamlessly, transitioning to the next character at the crossover point. The story unfolds in a single continuous take.

The characters in the visual piece are directed to "look impressive." This is an example of unreality, emphasizing how they appear in a staged scenario. In contrast, the natural, everyday events and environments occurring around them represent reality. As the characters walk according to their directions, unexpected incidents, reactions from passersby, and changing weather are all captured authentically. 

This juxtaposition encourages viewers to explore the boundary between reality and unreality.

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Contemporary Significance: Endless Exploration and Ambiguous Boundaries

"Endless Research," as its title suggests, signifies an "endless exploration." It symbolizes the various problems and uncertainties we face in modern society, as well as our inherent desire to seek answers continually. Through the simple act of walking and character transitions, the film addresses the ongoing exploration and challenges in our lives. By presenting the boundary between reality and unreality in a single frame, viewers can closely observe both aspects simultaneously.

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Artistic Message: The Importance of Boundaries

"Endless Research" poses profound questions about the importance of the boundary between reality and unreality in modern society. We often experience blurred lines between the digital and real worlds, between the virtual and the actual. This visual piece captures that ambiguity in a single frame, offering viewers a new visual experience. 

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In conclusion, "Endless Research" is a visual exploration of the boundary between reality and unreality, deeply reflecting the complexities and uncertainties of contemporary society. Through this piece, viewers can gain a renewed perspective on the constant questioning and exploration of the boundary between reality and unreality.

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