Giving souls and characters to photos

Jingxiong Qiao (Paris)

Jingxiong Qiao is photographer based in Berlin for many years. He studied art and piano since childhood and decided to devote himself to fashion photography after finishing his piano studies in Germany. In September 2018, He went to Havana, Cuba to shoot street photography for a week. In the past year, he has fallen in love with fashion photography, and he likes to combine fashion with street (life). Through his mastery of light, shadow and color, He shows the characters' different personalities and highlights of their costumes. in recent shooting projects, he insists on using film cameras as the main equipment currently he has cooperated with different , magazines and media, such as Fuckingyoung magazine, Sicky magazine, Schon magazine, and Vanity Teen magazine print issue. For example, the British Media Vice and The Chinese brand "Edifier" have also cooperated with him.

Your background in art and piano from childhood is quite unique for a photographer. How do you feel these early artistic experiences have influenced your photography?

These early artistic experiences can contribute to a photographer's sense of composition, visual aesthetics, and an appreciation for details, which can all enhance their ability to capture compelling images. Additionally, a background in art and music can foster creativity and a unique perspective that can be applied to photography.

Can you tell us more about your time in Cuba ?

Cuba has a rich and colorful environment with a unique blend of culture, history, and architecture. The country’s vibrant streets, vintage cars, and beautiful landscapes provide ample opportunities for capturing stunning images. I only spent 4 days in Cuba. I went out almost every day with my camera and different local photographers to travel around every street and took many photos of humanistic subjects, which also made me learn a lot and affected my later photography style.

How would you describe your artistic style and the themes you explore in your photography?

I have always been concerned about making pictures clean and making characters more expressive. At the same time, I also like to combine street photography with high-end fashion. I think the state of giving souls and characters to photos is what I have always pursued.

Are there any specific photographers or artists who have inspired your creative journey, or whose work you admire?

Yes, I want to say here that my two favorite photographers have inspired me to think a lot about color composition. 

Quentin Be Briey is one of my favourite photographers. His work have a classical style and he is also a skateboarder. His works look very street culture and he can combine fashion, which is what I have always pursued. The second photographer is JIA LING HOO. 

His works also have bright colours and humanistic atmosphere, and they are perfect in composition and use of colours.

Berlin is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. How has living in this city influenced your work and the projects you choose to undertake?

It is undeniable that Berlin is indeed a city full of artistic vitality. 

As a photographer, Berlin is undoubtedly the best. He is unrestrained and you can have unique insights and thoughts on fashion photography. At the same time, artists and fashion brands in Berlin also have a good tolerance for photographers of different styles. You can have a very minimalist or exaggerated personality and sexy style.