Photographer (Madrid)

Jesús Leonardo is a photographer based in Madrid. He combined sensuality and warm, melancholic tones to emphasize the themes and subjects of his work. Inspired by much of the early 2000s—pop culture magazines, fashion, film, and music—the photographer often documents modern youth culture, whether that be emerging fashion labels or some of Gen-Z’s notable figures and creatives.

Since London College Of Fashion, and later Central Saint Martins as an adult for fashion photography, Leonardo has transitioned into one of Almería’s most exciting to watch. Among several brands and acclaimed muses, he’s worked with the likes of DIESEL, eyewear brand Project Lobster, Jessica Goicoechea’s GOI , and Stradivarius to name a few. “I photograph intuitively and I don’t usually dig too much into what,” Jesus tells us. “I remember the CD covers from the late 90s and early 2000s and they are definitely present in my aesthetic. So I can say that my photography is 2000s style.”