Represent and reimagine reality.

Myro Wulff (Lodon, Copenhagen)

Myro Wulff is a German-born photographer based in London and Copenhagen.After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2009 Wulff began working as a fashion photographer in New York. The high-paced commercial environment taught him technical know-how perfection and precision. Having always been curious and playful Wulff wanted to go beyond the expected norms of commerce and explore the boundaries of what Photography could be. The Master's Degree at the Royal College of Art was where these Ideas began to shape into their own language. 

Experimentation and openness have become a staple of Wulffs working methodology. His recent work ranges from portraiture to abstract photograms. Myro Wulff was selected to be part of the Travers Smith CSR Art Program 2021-22 Clients include: Interview Magazine, Vogue Germany, V Magazine, The Last Magazine, Louis Vuitton, Trussardi, Hussein Chalayan

What drew you to photography?

Photography has fascinated me since I was a kid. I remember winning at a school raffle, I was maybe 12 years old. 

I was asked to choose any prize I wanted, and there were many. Toys, footballs, candy, books etc. - I chose a photo book, Andy Warhol Photography. 

I still look at it now. there was also a Gunter Sachs exhibition, I only remember fractionally, but I think its little encounters like these that stir us in life and lead us down paths. 

Photography is incredibly technical and precise but at the same time to create a truly interesting Photograph it needs to be practiced with an emotionality and visceral feeling. Like a musical instrument. I think photography's capability to both represent but also reimagine reality has always drawn me towards it. That and the endless ways in which one can reimagine what photography is, it never becomes dull or repetitive.

Can you tell me about a special or important project? that had some emotional meaning to you?

This is a tough one to pick, all my projects develop an emotional meaning to me..

Air France took me on a trip to Jura in France, to travel the area for 10 days and photograph an essay about land, local craft and their incredible wines. Meeting and Photographing so many different people, and being welcomed into their homes, lives and crafts felt extremely special. 

Everyone was so nice and genuinely welcoming, Meanwhile, I was drinking some of the worlds best wines without knowing about it. As a fashion photographer I had never worked on something like this, still Air France had complete faith in me and left me total free reign in this Project. I was shooting on film and exactly the way I envisioned it. It opened my eyes to Portraiture and investing time in the people one photographs.

You are currently based between Copenhagen and London. How do these two cities influence your work?

Both cities have their own individual pace and feel, which certainly shows through in the work. 

London is alive with newness, buzzing with fashion and art. The neighborhood I frequent the most, Hackney is very diverse and fun but it also has a grittiness and realness to it that makes it interesting. 

Copenhagen with its long summer nights and closeness to the ocean has had a massive effect on my life and work. The ocean has always been an inspiration to me. In the summer I like to go to Reffen and swim in the ocean, afterwards go to Hart bakery for some food.

Please can you tell us more about your beautiful photos you shot for Cecilie Bahnsen?

The images for Cecilie Bahnsen came about really organically.

Cecilie Bahnsen reached out to me and asked me to photograph their beautiful range of Bags. They really liked the analog look of my personal work, so we decided that I would shoot it on Film and hand print the images in the darkroom.

To make it a real fusion of aesthetics we decided to shoot it in the CB studio. I love how the textures and colors of the bags intertwine with the blur and light of the analog process.