The construction of looks.

Cara Cano  (Paris)

 Cara Cano is a fashion stylist and consultant born and raised in Barcelona and currently based between Paris and Barcelona. Cano’s style is built on a unique perspective influenced by garments and the energy they convey through their colour, light and shape. The stories she creates contain a vibrant use of colour combined with oversized silhouettes and a mix of textures and movement.

Can you tell me about a project that meant something special to you?

I am currently focusing on showing a different side as a stylist working more on my creative side through the construction of looks from volumes, elements and fabrics that we can find in our daily lives. I love to create images in which the looks are not only composed of clothes but of elements that combined together generate a strong and dynamic image.

You recently came to spend some time to work in Seoul, how was that experience and how did it come about?

Since I was young, I have always been influenced and attracted by the fashion and trends that developed on the Asian continent.

So in 2019, I decided for the first time to visit South Korea and explore the fashion industry. At that time, my career as a stylist had just started, so that first trip was a great way for me to take my first steps and to know that I wanted to learn more about the culture and fashion industry of the country.

However, although I tried to go back in 2020 due to the pandemic, I was not able to return until this past year, where I was able to spend 3 months living in the capital, Seoul. The experience was great. I had the opportunity to work with many creative teams and develop my portfolio towards a different direction/ aesthetic than in Europe.

what is particular about working in Paris?

Despite the fact that there are several cities where the fashion industry operates, I decided to move to Paris since I think is the right place if you want to focus your career on fashion.

Paris is practically the cradle of Grand Maison, so most productions shows and exhibitions are held in the capital. It's also great to meet people from all over the world who work in the fashion industry and come to find their place in Paris.

Is there a place in Paris that inspires you?

I moved to Paris relatively recently, so I haven't had time to explore the city in detail. However, I love visiting the Saint-Ouen flea market. 

I love to see and feel the memory of what was once part of someone's story and will now become part of someone else's life again. I also love antiques, so it's always a good place to get inspired or find a hidden gem, haha.