Working with objects.

Eduard Sánchez Ribot  (BCN, Paris)

Eduard Sánchez Ribot Photographer based in Barcelona,B. in 1992 where he works as a photographer and retoucher. He’s been taking photographs for almost 10 years, and spends a lot of time thinking about the meaning behind his work. Ultimately, he has come to understand that his process is, in many ways, about self-discovery. “I’m trying to figure out who I am by taking photos,” he explains. Through the act of taking pictures, Ribot hopes to find his path in life.

What drew you to still-life photography? Why did you choose to focus on still-life photography?

I've always been in love to photograph any object from the street, to give something beautiful where it doesn't exist, it makes me feel good and romantic at some point on the classic feelings about photography. I also love to photograph everyday things. 

I choose to focus on still life because I think this is my strength in photography and because I started shooting this way in photography ten years ago. I also really like working with objects.

Are there any other photographers or artists who have influenced your work? You are currently based between Barcelona and Paris. How do these two cities influence your work? Is there something distinct about working in these two cities?


I  have a lot of photographers who have influenced me, it's something that always happens to all of us, and we also copy these photographers in some way and over time you start to create your own language. Wolfgang Tillmans, William Eggleston, Man Ray, Hiro, Irving Penn, Berenice Abbot, Bill Brandt, Tony Ray Jones and many more as classics. I think it's super important to have a classic reference because that's where we're coming from.

I don't have any influence on my work from the cities where I'm based, I just like working with people from those cities, different ways of working, absolutely, and that's what you should learn from. Many things, but it's more important to be happy with the teams!

Are there any specific locations or neighborhoods in Barcelona and Paris that you find particularly inspiring?

I don't really identify with the city centres, I think it’s every city the same and I love to walk around but I can’t find almost to inspire me. 

What really inspires me is the suburbs, I think that's where everything is less normative and more random at the same time. What also inspires me is my village, I can walk around for hours and take inputs, time stands still and it's very good to reactivate creatively.

You have had the opportunity to work with renowned brands such as Loewe. Can you tell us about your ongoing collaboration with Loewe.

It's really interesting and nice to work with a big brand, it's very professional and a good moment to learn more about the industry. There is always a tight briefing, but you can also try nice things and for sure it makes your portfolio more attractive at some point. I'm still working for them and I hope to do so for the next few years.

Can you tell me about a special or important project?
I have a documentary project that I'd like to release one day... It's about who I am and why. It might be very abstract and pretentious to explain this with photos, but it's something I've been working on more or less since 2017 and it's had different stages, but for sure in the next maybe two years I'll finish the project in book format.