Hair and Makeup (Paris)

Passionate about hair and makeup decided to study Studio Hairdressing and Makeup at Acte Académie in Lille for 2 years and graduated in 2020.Right after graduation, she started as a Hair and Makeup Assistant for diverse brands: Loréal, Loewe, Hermès, Lacoste, Fendi, Chloé, Dior, Ami, Phipps, Jordan, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Nike, Jacquemus, Jean-Paul Gaultier… and she assisted prominent hairstylists of the industry during jobs & Fashion weeks (Guido Palau, Sam McNight, Holli Smith, Jawara, Ramona Eschbach, Ammy Drammeh…). Leading her to work with the best agencies like Streeters, Bryant, Maworldgroup, The Wall group etc. She is now working independently with agencies and directly with brands like Hermès, Louboutin, Kiko Milano, Aalto, Hibourama and french brands such as Emoi Emoi, Flotte, Lollipops, Balaboosté,Messika, L'oréal, Samaritaine. Specializing in fashion and beauty, Zahra aspires to evolve in this field and create a unique universe. She is inspired and in love with everything about science fiction, ugly beauty, cyberpunk and the galaxy. Big hairstyles, the digital world, bees, and Amazigh & African hairstyles are her main inspirations from her. Standing up for equality and the integration of minorities in the fashion industry is also her goal in order to celebrate diversity.